Blackpool shotgun raid man gets 12 years

Colin Chapman
Colin Chapman
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A PROLIFIC burglar has been jailed taking part in a terrifying armed raid which saw a shotgun aimed at a man in his Blackpool home.

Colin Chapman, 24, of Stansfield Street, South Shore, was jailed for 12 years for standing guard outside a dormer bungalow as it was burgled by his accomplice, who was armed with a loaded shotgun.

The raider inside the Dickies Lane South home, in Marton - who is still on the run - came face to face with the homeowner as he stole up to £1,000 in cash.

Preston Crown Court heard the brave man confronted Chapman’s accomplice when he heard noises coming from his lounge.

He challenged the armed intruder who said: “Stay back or I’ll shoot you.”

Peter Horgan, prosecuting, said the homeowner closed the lounge door and stepped out of the line of fire. He shouted to his wife upstairs to call the police and the intruder left.

Mr Horgan said: “She heard a gun being discharged and her initial reaction was her husband had been shot, but happily he was alive - he was holding the lounge door closed.”

While on the phone making an emergency call, the woman saw a man wearing a hooded top walk past the kitchen window.

Chapman was found by officers as he walked along a nearby road. Two sawn off firearms were recovered, one single barrelled and one double barrelled.

Chapman pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated burglary, having a prohibited firearm, two other burglaries, plus three offences of handling.

He also asked for three other burglaries to be taken into consideration during yesterday’s hearing.

Chapman said he had run up a ‘significant’ drug debt, which he needed to pay off.

Chris Hudson, defending, said his client was too frightened to identify anyone else involved.

He added: “He didn’t know it would be an aggravated burglary, he didn’t know of the presence of firearms virtually until the offence was taking place.

“He didn’t want the gun used and demonstrated that. The gun was discharged at him and it was forced upon him.”

Chapman was given 12 years prison, with four years extended licence.

Judge Jonathan Gibson said: “Had the firearm been discharged in the house, the consequences could have been lethal.”