Blackpool’s most prolific criminal jailed for theft again

Glenn Stacey
Glenn Stacey
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Blackpool’s most prolific criminal has been jailed for 84 days after admitting shoplifting.

Glen Stacey, described as a “revolving door of crime” has returned to court.

The prolific offender has now racked up 285 sets of offences and his list of previous convictions is 53 pages long.

Stacey, 56, of Alexandra Road,Blackpool, admitted two charges of shoplifting at the Co-op store in Coronation Street,Blackpool .

He took three steaks and a bottle of wine valued at £21.

Adrian Hollamy, prosecuting at Blackpool Magistrates Court, said Stacey was seen on CCTV taking the goods.

By targeting the store Stacey was also in breach of his ASBO which prohibits him from entering that area of the town.

Michael Woosnam, defending, said:”This man is in a revolving door – he goes to prison and comes out with a grant which he spends.”

“He applies for benefits which takes six weeks to process. For a time he relies on friends but their patience runs out and he turns to crime to get food and drink.”

“He has been featured on the front page of a newspaper which asked ‘What are we going to do with this man?’”

“To be fair everything has been tried.”

“By committing this crime he has missed attending a family funeral and stands in the dock instead.”

Chairman of the Bench Brian Nicholson sentenced Stacey to 84 days’ jail and ordered him to pay £190 costs.

He told Stacey;”You are wasting everybody’s time – grow up .There are foodbanks out there.”

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