Blackpool police officer faces misconduct hearing

A Blackpool police officer faces a misconduct hearing
A Blackpool police officer faces a misconduct hearing
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A Blackpool police officer is set to face a misconduct hearing following an incident in the resort.

Sergeant David Reeder is facing accusations of gross misconduct over comments made January last year.
It is alleged that on Januart 24 2016 Sgt Reeder failed to accurately record information on the custody record in respect of a detainee at Blackpool Central Police Station in Bonny Street.
It is also alleged that PS Reeder made derogatory comments about the detainee and other persons in custody and further failed to challenge the behaviour of a colleague who made abusive comments about the same persons.
A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “The conduct is alleged to amount to gross misconduct for breaches of the standards of professional behaviour in the areas of duties and responsibilities, authority respect and courtesy, equality and diversity and challenging and reporting improper conduct.”
Lancashire Police could not say what role Sgt Reeder was deployed in when the alleged remarks were made.
Sgt Reeder’s case will be heard by a panel sitting at Leyland Police Station.
The misconduct hearing is scheduled to start on Monday February 28.

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