Blackpool Magistrates Court orders dog to be put to sleep

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A court has ordered a dog be put to sleep after police identified it as an illegal breed following an attack on a child.

The destruction order on a pit bull type dog called Baxter was asked for by Lancashire police and granted by Blackpool magistrates.

Owner, Mr Mark Merriman, 41, of Glenwood Street, Blackpool, did not appear at court to oppose the dog’s destruction.

The dog was seized by police last year following an allegation it had bitten a child.

Sharon Cottam applied for the destruction order under The Dangerous Dogs Act on behalf of Lancashire police.

Ms Cottam asked magistrates to read documentation on the case.

She said that a police officer who was a qualified dog legislation officer had examined Baxter in police kennels last year and found the dog to be a pit bull type.

She added neither Mr Merriman or his former female partner had come to court to oppose the dog’s destruction, however Mr Merriman had requested the dog’s ashes.

An email from Mr Merriman to the court was read out.

In it he stated he was more than £18,000 in debt and he would be unable to contribute to any costs.

Presiding magistrate, Maureen Appleton, said: “We are all quite sure this is a prohibited dog and it could be a risk to public safety, so we will grant the application for destruction.”

Magistrates ordered Mr Merriman to pay £250 costs.