Blackpool: From the courts 20-12-17

Blackpool magistrates court
Blackpool magistrates court
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Here is the latest round-up of some of the cases at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

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Karl Grundy, 42, burglary

A man carried out a blitz of burglaries in Blackpool stealing charity money, people’s Christmas presents and almost £4,000 in cash.

But Karl Grundy left evidence incriminating himself at all the night-time break-in scenes in the form of DNA, fingerprints or CCTV footage.

Grundy, 42, formerly of Claremont Road, North Shore, now of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to seven offences of burglary.

He was remanded in custody to appear for sentence on January 17 at Preston Crown Court.

Prosecutor, Martine Connah, said the burglaries began on October 25 when Grundy started his spree at the JK Steakhouse cafe stealing £655 in cash.

In October he targeted the Royal Oak Hotel taking £370 cash while the licensee was in the hotel’s private living quarters. He also burgled JK Steakhouse again, this time pocketing £200.

In November he raided Dominos Pizza taking £400 cash and Fishers Plaice fish and chip shop where he stole money from a charity box, cash and bedding to a total value of £200.

In December, he broke into Ryman’s stationary shop stealing Christmas presents staff had bought, a tablet computer, toiletries and watches valued at £1,300.

His last burglary before he was caught took place at Klubland nightclub where he took £1,000 cash.

Phillip Walls, 25, assault

A man will be spending Christmas in prison after biting his girlfriend on the back.

Phillip Walls partner said she could feel him pulling the skin from her back and she then had to grab hold of him to stop him biting her throat.

Walls told police he did not believe he would have bitten her, but when shown a photograph of the bite mark he agreed it must have been him because the mark showed an outline of his distinctive teeth.

The 25-year-old of Regent Road, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to assault.

He was jailed for two months and ordered to pay his victim £100 compensation.

Prosecutor, Martine Connah, said on December 16 Walls girlfriend said he had drunk two pints of lager and smoked a cannabis joint before they went to the Litten Tree pub.

In the pub he was staring intently at her and after they left and got to the door of his flat he kicked her and she fell over.

He then bit her back. She managed to escape and he chased after her.

He was previously jailed for 20 months for a robbery involving another girlfriend.

Steven Earlam, 43, assault

A builder has made his first appearance at court accused of trying to strangle his wife.

Steven Earlam is also alleged to have thrown an aerosol at her, slapped and pushed her in two attacks.

Earlam, 43, of Henry Street, South Shore, pleaded not guilty to two offences of assault, one said to have taken place on December 2 the other on December 15.

The prosecution opposed an application for bail for Earlam by defence solicitor Michael Woosnam. Earlam was bailed to March 2.

Dale Hanson, 28, burglary

A man has made his first appearance at court accused of burgling his former girlfriend’s home.

Dale Hanson, 28, of Lune Grove, Blackpool, is charged with burgling his ex’s address on Houseman Place, Marton, and stealing two bottles of alcohol and three bottles of medicated cream on December 16.

He is also alleged to have broken two side windows on her car on the same date.

Prosecutor, Martine Connah, asked for the case to be heard at crown court.

Hanson was bailed to appear at Preston Crown Court on January 17.

Jack Evans, 21, possession of cannabis

A man found himself in trouble with the law after he agreed to keep some drugs for a friend.

Jack Evans, 21, of Keswick Road, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis.

He was fined £80 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £30 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Martine Connah, said police arrested Evans on October 7 at 4.20pm.

Once in custody at the police station he was searched and a small amount of cannabis was found in his jacket pocket.

Sue Mugford, defending, said that a friend had asked Evans to look after some cannabis for him.