Blackpool: From the courts 05-10-17

Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
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Here is the latest round-up of some of the cases at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Here is Wednesday’s round-up of cases at Blackpool Magistrates Court 04-10-17

Andrew Joyce, 47, breach of Criminal Behaviour Order

A street musician broke the law by being in an area of Blackpool he was banned from.

Andrew Joyce, 47, of Raikes Parade, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order.

He was fined £60 with £85 costs plus £30 victims’ surcharge but could not pay immediately so magistrates said he should remain in the precincts of the court until lunchtime, instead of paying the financial penalties.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said Joyce had been put on the order for four years in July.

On September 29, at 6.45am, he was seen in the coach park toilets of New Bonney Street. At 3.10pm the same day police saw him walking along Central Drive. Both were areas the order excluded from.

When interviewed he said he felt victimised by the police as he was simply trying to make music and art.

Patrick Nelligan, defending, said Joyce had not been present when the order was made but he had been made aware of the order.

Joyce said he did not agree with the order and he wanted it changed.

John Wignall, 52, breach of restraining order

A man repeatedly went to visit his former girlfriend after being banned from contacting her.

John Wignall called his ex and arrived at her home on being released from a prison sentence imposed for assaulting her.

Wignall, a 52-year-old kitchen fitter, of Hornby Road, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to three offences of breaching a restraining order between September 11 and October 1.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said Wignall’s ex said they had been together six years and she was repeatedly beaten by him and knocked unconscious at times.

In 2015 he was put on an indefinite restraining order which prohibited him from contacting her or going to her previous home in Princess Avenue, Poulton.

His ex said when he was released from jail after serving a sentence for assaulting her he kept phoning her saying he loved her and wanted her back.

He also kept coming to her home. On September 30 she heard the sound of a key being turned in her door and it was Wignall.

Wignall was bailed for a hearing at which both prosecution and defence evidence will be heard.

Jake Gibson, 22, fraud

A contactless bankcard which had been found in the street was repeatedly used by a man at shops in Fleetwood.

Jake Gibson, 22, of Leven Avenue, Fleetwood, pleaded guilty to fraud.

He was given a 12 months conditional discharge and ordered to pay £103 compensation with £85 costs plus £20 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said the victim arrived back from holiday in the early hours of July 10 and got out of a taxi in Cambridge Road, Blackpool.

Later that day the bank contacted the victim asking if the contact-less card had been used that day.

Inquires revealed Gibson had used the card at Westview Garage, Bargain Booze, the One Stop Shop and Tesco to obtain goods.

Patrick Nelligan, defending, said Gibson had kept out of trouble for three years. A friend told him he had found the card and Gibson foolishly decided to use it.

Joseph Burley, 24, possession of ecstasy, cocaine and ketamine

A former security officer was found with a cocktail of drugs at a music event at Blackpool.

Joseph Burley, a 24-year-old father-of-two, of Staton Avenue, Bolton, pleaded guilty to possession of ecstasy, cocaine and ketamine.

He was fined £140 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £30 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Adrian Hollamby, said on September 17 last year Burley attended the Pier Jam music event at Blackpool’s North Pier.Burley attracted the attention of the event’s security officers when there was an exchange between him and another person.

He was searched and the officers found the class A and B drugs. Burley had no previous convictions for drug offences.

Christen Astin, 29, possession of cannabis

A passenger in a car stopped by police was found to have concealed drugs in the door.Christen Astin, 29, of Lever Street, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis.

He was fined £80 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £30 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said police stopped a car on Lawson Road on September 3 at 4.30pm, as officers had suspicions the driver was disqualified.

Astin was a passenger and admitted three small bags of cannabis in the door pocket were his. He said that the driver knew nothing about the drugs. Howard Green, defending, said his client had bought the drug just before the car was stopped.