Benefits fiddler was working...for the police

Blackpool police station, Bonny Street
Blackpool police station, Bonny Street
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Benefits fiddler Paul Davies forgot to tell the authorities he was a police station.

Davies, 50, earned cash cleaning out the cells, a court heard.

He admitted three charges of fraud. Magistrates have warned him that he might now spend time behind bars as a prisoner.

He was overpaid £7,271 in benefits– £5,097 of it Jobseekers Allowance – when he failed to tell the Department of Work and Pensions and Blackpool Council that he was working as a cleaner a Blackpool’s main police headquarters custody unit (pictured).

Blackpool magistrates heard that the offences dated back to 2011. As well as Jobseekers, Davies, of Kincraig Road, Bispham, also claimed Housing and Council Tax benefit.

Alan Godwin, defending, said: “Davies got himself a cleaning job and believed that if he only worked 10 hours a week or less he would not have to declare it. At one stage he did tell the DWP he had found work at the police station and thought that department would have told the council.

“He was not earning a fortune and the money certainly was not life-changing for him.He has his own flat and debts which may have had something to do with this.”

Magistrates ordered reports on Davies and warned all options including jail remained open to them.