Bath water pair jailed for attack

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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TWO men who subjected their victim to a “horrendous” attack in his Blackpool home have been put behind bars.

Preston Crown Court heard how the 48-year-old victim was punched and stamped on until his jaw was broken, had his head held under water and cut his finger and ear with pliers.

Davey Jones

Davey Jones

One of those responsible, Ramone Varey, was the son the victim had not seen for nearly 20 years.

The episode came about after Varey and Davey Jones, another member of the pair’s extended family, turned up out of the blue at the victim’s address on Warley Road, North Shore.

Varey, 23, and 22-year-old Jones, both from Darlington, had admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm and false imprisonment.

The court was told how the victim was beaten unconscious during the episode in April last year.

Ramone Varey

Ramone Varey

At one stage he tried to escape, only to realise a handle had been removed from inside the back door so he could not get out.

Frank Nance, prosecuting, said Varey had visited his father’s home four to five weeks earlier when the defendant lashed out at his father for having been absent from his life.

Before the attack on April 5, Varey and Jones spent a couple of hours in Blackpool town centre.

Following their return Varey asked his father for money and Jones asked for his bank card.

Mr Nance added: “Varey complained after the 20 years absence, the victim had only given him £20 to go out with.

“At one stage that defendant phoned his mother, demanding the victim tell her where he had been for the last 20 years.

“The man then heard him say on the phone he was going to give him a good hiding.”

Both defendants launched a violent attack, punching the victim until he lost consciousness.

His next recollection was being dragged into the bathroom where his head was twice held under water in the bath.

The victim was told he was going to die before he managed to get out of the bathroom and attempt to leave. But he discovered the handle had been removed from inside the back door.

One of the pair then picked up some pliers and cut the victim’s index finger with them, as well as his left ear.

His face was then stamped on, but he could not tell by who, before both defendants fled the address.

Both Varey and Jones had been on prison licence at the time.

David Ackerley, for Varey, said he regretted his actions that night.

Mr Ackerley added: “The abandonment of his father when four years old had some sort of psychological effect on him.

“He never really got over that. It played some part in what happened that night. What took place was not premeditated.”

Christopher Morrison, for Jones, said they had gone to Blackpool to celebrate his 21st birthday and violence had been the last thing on his mind.

Mr Morrison added: “He wants me to say he is very sorry for what he has done. He feels very much for the victim.”

Varey and Jones were each given four years jail, with one year’s extended licence.

Judge Recorder Mukhtar Hussain QC told the pair: “This must have been horrendous for the victim to go through over a very extended period in his own home.

“There was gratuitous degradation of him.”

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