Baseball bat killer’s facebook secret

Killer Lester Jackson (below) updated his Facebook profile while at Kirkham Prison.
Killer Lester Jackson (below) updated his Facebook profile while at Kirkham Prison.
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A BRUTAL killer on the run from a Fylde jail had been posting on Facebook before his escape, The Gazette can reveal.

Fugitive murderer Lester Jackson, 43, was jailed for life after he bludgeoned an accountant to death in front of an eight-year-old boy during an horrific mugging.

Lester Jackson

Lester Jackson

Jackson is now at the centre of a nationwide manhunt after he failed to turn up for a work placement in St Annes last Monday – and had already broken prison rules by using Facebook prior to going on the run.

Jackson used the social networking website to post pictures of himself and messages.

One of the posts reads: “Feeling fine, big changes coming my way and I will rise to the occasion.”

Another said: “Been away from my family and friends for a while, starting to feel it now.”

And with one picture he said: “Me looking miserable! Just need a girlfriend to make me smile again.”

In 1990, Jackson used a baseball bat to attack 58-year-old Hugh Paton in broad daylight in an alleyway just yards from his Finchley home in north London.

Jackson, from Golder’s Green, stole Mr Paton’s credit card and left his victim staggering, bleeding in the street. Mr Paton later died in hospital. Jackson was found guilty of murder and jailed in 1991.

Police confirmed Jackson left HMP Kirkham at 8.45am last Monday – he has not been seen since.

They are investigating the possibility he could still be on the Fylde coast, or may have travelled to Cumbria or London.

Prisoners are not allowed access to the internet and are barred from updating Facebook while serving their sentence.

Julia Prescott, HMP Kirkham Governor, said: “We’ve put in place for the Facebook page to be shut down.

“It is really clear they (prisoners) are not allowed Facebook pages while in prison but it’s very difficult to control.

“It’s another example of his (Jackson’s) breaching trust.

“We are testing people trying to see if they are trustworthy and obviously people will occasionally fail that test. He has failed and Facebook shows he wasn’t trustworthy.

“We’re working with the police now to do what we can to get any intelligence and to find him.”

A Prison Service spokesman said: “Prisoners are barred from updating Facebook while serving their sentence, or asking others to do so from outside prison. If they do accounts will be terminated.

“They are not allowed mobile phones and it’s a criminal offence to smuggle one in.

“Any prisoner found in possession of one will be dealt with appropriately.”

Jackson is white, 6ft 1in tall with a slim build, short brown hair and green eyes.

If you see him call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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