Baby boy's injuries described to jurors as Blackpool dad stands accused of murder

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court

A medic has described the injuries she found on a six-week-old tot alleged to have been murdered by his dad.

David Christie, 35, of Wyre Grove, Blackpool, denies murdering Marshall Christie, who died from serious head injuries on March 15, 2017, and is on trial at Preston Crown Court.

Christie, wearing a lilac shirt, sat with his arms folded in the dock as Doctor Sarah Dixon, a paediatric consultant, gave evidence.

She said it was part of her role to understand how Marshall came to sustain his injuries using all the medical evidence available.

Prosecuting, Nicholas Johnson said: "Did you ask Mr Christie why he had called his sister before he called an ambulance?"

She replied: "He said his mum and sister had both offered if there was a problem with Marshall he could phone them.

"He said he lived very close by and his sister was able to be on the scene in a couple of minutes."

She went on to tell jurors about several injuries medics had found, which were demonstrated on a mannequin style picture.

Dr Dixon said she had found bruising on his flank, his thigh, grazing and bruising to his genital area, linear bruising to his eyelids, a cluster of pinprick blood spots on his forehead and a bruise on his head.

Describing the results of scans of his brain, spine and abdomen, she added: "These revealed revealed bleeding in and around the brain, swelling to his brain and bleeding down the spinal column."

A CT scan also showed fresh broken ribs.

The court previously heard Christie was the sole guardian for Marshall while his partner, Sarah Lowe, was treated for schizophrenia at Wythenshawe Hospital, Ormskirk Hospital, and The Harbour mental health hospital in Blackpool.

In a police interview, Christie had admitted to shaking his son in, he said, an attempt to wake him after finding him lifeless in his bed.

He denies murder