Armed siege machete thug sent to prison

Jason Roberts (below) subjected his victim to a terrifying ordeal forcing an armed stand-off.
Jason Roberts (below) subjected his victim to a terrifying ordeal forcing an armed stand-off.
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A man who began a terrifying armed siege and threatened to kill his partner with a bayonet has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Preston Crown Court heard yesterday how Jason Roberts subjected the 35-year-old woman to the ordeal, which sparked the evacuation of a quiet suburban street in St Annes while riot police tried to end the stand-off.

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts

Roberts, 40, who had 56 previous offences, had to be tasered by police after threatening to kill himself with a machete in the flat on Derbe Road, in the town.

Joseph Allman, prosecuting, said the man punched and kicked his victim, refusing to let her leave the blood-covered flat, after a drug-induced argument over money.

He struck his hostage with a bayonet after chillingly telling her: “You will leave this flat in an ambulance, with no legs. If I’m not having you, no-one else is - I’m going to kill you.”

Mr Allman told the court: “The situation developed into a siege, with the defendant throwing crockery from a window, at one point, onto the street outside.

“Police evacuated the street and a force negotiator arrived. The defendant asked for coffee.”

Julie Taylor, defending, said the events, which took place on January 3 this year, were caused by drugs - which Roberts had used frequently to try and block out the tragedy of losing a four-year-old brother who died after jumping from a window.

She said: “He is ashamed and extremely remorseful.

“He accepts the incident must have been terrifying.

“He knows that drug use is a demon he needs to fight.”


A ‘terrible, sustained attack on her freedom’

After Roberts pleaded guilty to offences of wounding, affray and false imprisonment, he was sentenced to six years in jail with five years extended licence.

Passing sentence, Judge Graham Knowles QC, told him: “There was a terrible, sustained attack on her body, on her dignity and her freedom as a human being to go as she pleased.

“There was a callous and sadistic demonstration of your power over her.

“The events were terrifying, sustained and extremely dangerous.”

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