‘Are you going to stab me too?’

The alley at the rear of Dean Street, South Shore, where the body of Sam Bee (below) was found.
The alley at the rear of Dean Street, South Shore, where the body of Sam Bee (below) was found.
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A TEENAGE girl has described how her boyfriend’s alleged killer threatened to stab her just minutes after the fatal attack.

Lauren Binks told a murder trial at Preston Crown Court how she confronted defendant Robert Heneghan in the moments after 19-year-old Sam Bee was stabbed.

Sam Bee

Sam Bee

The teenager was one of several people who had been at the party at a flat on Dean Street, South Shore, before Mr Bee was stabbed on August 14 last year.

Miss Binks, 17, told the court: “I started shouting at Robert Heneghan.

“I shouted ‘I’m his girlfriend, are you going to stab me?’ and he said ‘I will’.”

Robert Heneghan, 19, of Palatine Road, Blackpool, denies murder.

David Fish, defending Heneghan, implied Miss Binks – Mr Bee’s girlfriend for around six months – had not 
actually been threatened by Heneghan as she failed to mention it in her first police interview.

But the teenager said: “I didn’t remember it at the time but a couple of days later it came back to me and I told the police.”

Another of the Mr Bee’s friends, Sarah McKenna, described how Heneghan had admitted stabbing Mr Bee on the street outside the flat.

She said: “Someone said why didn’t you just use your fists and (Heneghan) said I wanted to stab him.

“He said it with no emotion, no nothing. Pure evil.”

Mr Bee fled the flat by the back door following the attack, and Miss McKenna described how when police arrived she was initially reluctant to tell them about the incident because she did not think it was serious.

She said: “I wasn’t sure whether to tell the police what had happened at first.

“I walked back to see if I could find any blood and I couldn’t, so I didn’t know whether to say anything.

“But I did because at the end of the day we didn’t know where Sam was, he was not answering his phone and we were worried.”

Mr Bee’s body was discovered later that night in the back yard of a hotel between Dean Street and Station Road.

By the time news filtered through Mr Bee had died, Heneghan was at another friend’s house.

Daniel Grey, who was with him at the time, said: “(Heneghan) said he should have punched him instead.”

The jury had previously heard from Mr Bee’s sister, Sarah Bee, who said she witnessed Heneghan stab her teenage brother in her property where she had been hosting a party for her boyfriend’s birthday.

Miss Bee said: “(Heneghan) just threw his arm out and stabbed him straight in the chest.”

Factory worker Mr Bee, from South Shore, had only recently returned to Blackpool after living in Somerset.


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