‘Animalistic’ bouncer biter spared prison

Her Hon Judge Lloyd   David Wimsett/UPPA/Photoshot
Her Hon Judge Lloyd David Wimsett/UPPA/Photoshot
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A man who used his teeth to bite a Blackpool nightclub bouncer has been told his behaviour was “animalistic”.

Colin Docherty had also struck out at the security worker in Coco’s nightspot, while being ejected from the premises for apparently throwing drink.

Preston Crown Court heard others had joined in and their actions had left the doorman with a fractured cheekbone.

Docherty, 21, from Loganlea Crescent, West Calder, West Lothian was given 26 weeks prison, suspended for 18 months, ordered to do a 100 hours unpaid work and placed on a three months long curfew to run from 9pm-4am each night.

He had pleaded guilty to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm over the incident on September 15 last year.

He was told to pay his victim £200 compensation.

Judge Heather Lloyd told him: “To use one’s teeth is truly animalistic.

“This is now your third offence of violence committed while in drink.”

Katie Jones, prosecuting, said the victim was working at the nightclub on Market Street when the defendant and another man seemed to be throwing drinks at each other at 12.15am.

The security man got between them, to avert any fighting.

“The bouncer put an arm on him and was punched to the left side of the face by Docherty.

He managed to restrain the defendant and was in the process of ejecting him from the club when others punched and attacked him.

He ended up on the floor and was punched and kicked to the left side of his face.

Because he had a hold on Docherty, the defendant also ended up on the floor as well. Docherty then bit him on the right side of his face.

Other security staff went to the man’s aid. Docherty ran off, but was caught. He was identified to police.

The bouncer was taken to A&E with injuries that included a fractured cheekbone. He needed surgery to implant metal plates into his cheek.

The prosecution said the defendant was not responsible for the fracture, but he had used his teeth as a weapon.

Daniel Harman, defending, said Docherty had a bad year in the lead up to the incident.

“He expresses regret for his behaviour.

“He says the man was only doing his job and didn’t deserve the violence inflicted on him.

“The bite was a nasty injury at the time.

“People who are far more culpable, who should be in court with him, are not here.

“That’s a matter of regret for all parties.

“The defendant overstepped the mark.

“He has been abusive and violent towards a man who was simply trying to earn a living.

“He is very sorry about that, I can’t stress that enough”.