Anger as alley used as dumping ground

Rubbish in the alley between Hazeldene Road and Lingfield Road, Fleetwood.
Rubbish in the alley between Hazeldene Road and Lingfield Road, Fleetwood.
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Residents today told of their anger after fly-tippers turned a back alley near their homes into a dumping ground.

This was the filthy scene in the ginnel between Hazeldene Road and Lingfield Road, Fleetwood, which greeted fed-up householders last week.

Items dumped along the length of the alley included old bedclothes, a carpet, a broken wooden ornamental well, a discarded cat carrier, a damaged rabbit hutch and rotting fencing.

And some of the residents whose houses back on to the passage now fear some of the dumped items will become a magnet for vermin.

Several contacted The Gazette to highlight the problem but did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals.

One woman said: “Sometimes it is even worse than this.

“I think around half of the stuff is dumped by residents who live on these two streets, and the rest is left by people who have heard about it as a place to fly-tip.

“It’s disgraceful and when you get things like mattresses and old sofas, they attract mice. What is annoying is that these people can afford to buy a new lounge suite but they don’t want to pay Wyre Council the £18 to remove their old one.”

Another resident added: “To be fair to Wyre Council, they remove these things as quickly as they can, but the problem is that the next week something else has been dumped.

“If the owners can be traced they should throw the book at them.”

A Wyre Council spokeswoman said: “We do our best to deal with fly tipping and do take offenders to court if we can get evidence against them.

“The public can be invaluable in this – noting down registrations or taking pictures of vehicles if they see anything suspicious and reporting incidents immediately via a simple online form.

“One of the best ways that residents can help reduce fly-tipping is to put the rogue traders out of business.

“Be extra cautious when using a man with a van to remove rubbish and always refuse unsolicited offers.”