Anger after lead thieves strike at school

Lead theft - Blackpool Music Academy
Lead theft - Blackpool Music Academy
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Bosses at Blackpool Music Academy today told of their anger after thieves stole three sheets of lead from the roof.

The Academy suffered severe water damage as a result of the theft.

And it was only when torrential rain poured in did the Blackpool Music Academy become aware the raiders had struck as water started coming from the ceiling.

The Waterloo Road centre saw two of their keyboards, worth £1,200, completely destroyed and the floors left with water damage.

The Academy is now facing a £250 excess fee and a bill of up to £1,000 for the roof to be completely fixed.

It is believed the theft happened last week.

Founder of Blackpool Music Academy, John Shaw, said: “These people are terrible to do this, we’re a charity-run school trying to do good for the community.

“To do this to your own community is just not right, it’s the lowest of the low when you steal from your own people.”

An upcoming fund-raiser on August 30 aimed to raise further cash for the future of the Academy, which was first set up in 2006. Now all proceeds will have to go into fixing the roof, holding the Academy back from progressing with their musical ventures.

“We’ve received so many grants in the past from the council and area forums, we’ll continue to fund-raise and if any kind hearts are willing to help us after our unfortunate occurrence we will be very grateful,” added John.