Affair fears behind man’s knife threat

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A jealous husband pulled out a nine-inch knife and shouted “have some of this” before hurling it at a man he believed was having an affair with his wife.

Simon Goodall was said to be “fixated” with the idea his wife was having an affair.

And after a chance encounter in the street with the landlord he thought was “carrying on” with her, he threw the kitchen knife at him.

The incident, which one witness described as terrifying, happened in Warbreck Drive, Blackpool, and started with pushing and shoving, Preston Crown Court was told.

Goodall then produced the knife and said: “Right, you can have some of this”.

The 56-year-old defendant of Cavendish Road, Bispham, was given a suspended sentence by a judge at Preston Crown Court, having pleaded guilty to an offence of having a bladed article in a public place.

Joseph Allman, prosecuting, said that the victim used to be the defendant’s landlord. Goodall and his wife lived in one of his properties in Blackpool. In May, he left the family home and separated from his wife. As far as the victim was concerned, his departure was amicable, but shortly afterwards the defendant began sending text messages to the victim’s wife, alleging he was having an affair with his wife.

On June 24 the victim was driving his van on Warbreck Drive when he encountered Goodall who was on foot. The defendant shouted at him.

The victim got out of his vehicle and approached him. The two men ended up pushing one another.

Mr Allman said: “The defendant drew his arm back, as if to punch him, but (the victim) punched him in pre-emptive self defence.

“The defendant fell to the floor, got up and produced a knife. He said, ‘Right, you can have some of this’ and held the knife by his side.”

The victim turned and ran but Goodall shouted at him and when the other man stopped, the defendant threw the knife, the court heard.

The victim now felt traumatised, was unable to eat, sleep and felt anxious as a result of the experience, the court was told.

Goodall told police he had been drinking, had taken the knife from his kitchen and had made his way over to confront the victim over his perceived fear. Chris Hudson, defending, said the couple had married following a whirlwind courtship and ended up moving to Blackpool. His wife had been the defendant’s first relationship.

Goodall had gone to develop a “fixation” and “certainty” in his mind that she was having a relationship with the landlord. His wife left him, but the circumstances of her leaving simply added to his suspicions.

“He had had too much to drink on the date of the offence. He was upset and went out, armed with this knife. Unfortunately (the victim) passed in his van.

“There could have been a tragic outcome to this incident. Fortunately, there wasn’t.”

Goodall was given eight months prison, suspended for two years, with two years supervision. For six months he will be on a curfew, to operate from 7pm-6am each night.

Judge Stuart Baker told him “People who carry knives and who take knives out with them from their homes, whether they are looking for trouble or expecting to find it and who carry knives when they are drunk or severely intoxicated, present a real danger to the public.”

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