Addict in threat to kill his father

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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An addict on a drugs binge attacked his father, punching him repeatedly in the face and threatening him with a knife.

Preston Crown Court heard Lee Gibson went round to his father’s Blackpool home, asking for £100.

After being refused the cash, Gibson’s mood changed and he push his father and repeatedly punched him in face.

The court heard he also made threats to kill him.

When arrested by police, officers noticed his mood swung from crying one minute to anger the next.

Gibson, 36, of Finchley Road, North Shore, pleaded guilty to charges of making threats to kill, common assault and criminal damage.

The offences dated back to July 24.

Tom Lord, prosecuting, said the father had experienced difficulties over his son’s drug taking for years. He had paid for rehab for him.

Early in the evening on July 24, Gibson went round and was asking for £100 and his father refused to hand over money.

One minute he was crying and the next was very aggressive and threatening.

He was saying “I’ll kill you, I don’t care”.

The father went on to take a cup of tea out of the way, for fear it would be thrown.

As he was walking towards the kitchen, the defendant pushed him from behind, causing him to fall to the floor.

He went on to punch his victim around five times to the face and head. He also picked up a kitchen knife and threatened his father with it.

Gibson picked up a glass and threw it on the floor, making it smash.

Under duress his dad said he would go and get the money. The defendant was trying to tidy up in the kitchen and his dad went to call the police.

Gibson had 38 previous offences on his record.

Julie Taylor, defending, said her client accepted that his behaviour towards his dad had been appalling.

“He is remorseful for that. He expresses again that he loves his father and can’t believe he behaved in that manner.

“His only explanation is that he had been on a drugs binge,” she said.

He was now off heroin, she added.

He was given 15 months in jail, suspended for two years, with two years supervision, plus 12 months drugs rehab.

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