999 show shames resort’s violent women

Channel Four's 999 What's Your Emergency
Channel Four's 999 What's Your Emergency
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VIOLENT and knife-wielding women in Blackpool were shamed during the latest episode of TV documentary 999: What’s Your Emergency? last night.

The Channel 4 series focused on the foul-mouthed behaviour of the resort’s women on Monday night’s programme.

It showed how the emergency services are routinely having to deal with rowdy, disrespectful and threatening women, many fuelled by excessive booze.

But it also highlighted the bravery, patience and compassion shown by the scores of female police officers and paramedics who are often put in the firing line.

Shocking footage showed how one gravelly voiced woman threatened to knock a police woman’s head off as after she was arrested following a family row in the street.

It then focused on a young woman who had been enjoying a drink in her home when her friend turned on her in a row over a love rival.

She stabbed her in the head leaving blood pouring down her face. In a later interview, the victim revealed how her attacked always carried a blade with her for protection and had used it against her in a fit of rage over a man they both had feelings for.

Amazingly, the victim is still friends with the knife-wielding thug.

And it showed a polite and articulate man, from North Promenade, who had been stabbed in the arm by his ex-lover, leaving gaping puncture wounds as he was treated in the back of an ambulance.

It all led to one Blackpool paramedic questioning whether the emergency services should be given stab vests to deal with what she described as an increasing number of knives on the streets.

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