£8k for lost smile and years of pain

Shelley Farrell has claimed compensation from dentist Tom Kerr (below) following poor treatment.
Shelley Farrell has claimed compensation from dentist Tom Kerr (below) following poor treatment.
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A WOMAN today branded her dentist a “butcher” after he caused her three years worth of pain and took away her smile.

Shelley Farrell has been left in constant agony since 2009 after her dentist failed to deal with an abscess and then shattered a bone when he was forced to pull out her tooth.

Dr Tom Kerr, St Annes Dental Clinic

Dr Tom Kerr, St Annes Dental Clinic

The 49-year-old has received £8,000 in an out-of-court settlement from Dr Tom Kerr, who worked at St Annes Dental Clinic, for clinical negligence – though he has never admitted liability.

Ms Farrell, from Lesley Court, in St Annes, said: “I had toothache so I went to the dentist and said I’m sure I have got an abscess’.

“It was too bad to just be toothache, but he looked and said he couldn’t see anything.

“I went back about five days later and by this time my face was swelling up and he still left me.

“It was a month by the time he decided to do something about it and by that time it was too late, because the infection had got too bad.

“My face had swelled so much he had to lance the abscess, which was not nice.”

Ms Farrell remained in agony despite antibiotics and was eventually told she would lose the tooth. But, to her horror, she remained in constant pain even after Dr Kerr had extracted the tooth.

She said: “He didn’t just do a tooth extraction, he shattered all the bone structure around the tooth.

“I had a look at my tooth and there was bone coming out of my gum.

“How can you do that to someone’s mouth?

“It was not just to ignore the abscess but the way he took it out as well.

“What was he, some kind of butcher?”

Dr Kerr also carried out root canal treatment on the other side of Ms Farrell’s mouth, and she has been told she is likely to lose a tooth there as well.

Ms Farrell, who celebrates her 50th birthday next week, plans to use her compensation for an implanted false tooth – but said it cannot make up for her years of pain.

She added: “It’s not enough for all the pain I’ve been in and all the pain I’m still in.

“He left me for a whole month and he could have saved that tooth. I can’t go through life with my tooth missing, I’ve always been a big smiler.”

Ms Farrell’s lawyer, Christina Bateman, added: “In this case, the negligent care my client received meant that she has suffered needlessly.”

Gary Hills, Principal at St Annes Dental Clinic said: “It would be inappropriate to comment as the claim relates to treatment provided by a self-employed dentist, who sadly due to ill health, no longer works as a dentist at the Dental Clinic. As a practice we strive to provide the highest standard of care.”

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