3am booze ban officially rejected

People across Blackpool have given their verdict on EMRO
People across Blackpool have given their verdict on EMRO
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Blackpool Council has formally rejected a move to ban alcohol sales after 3am.

The full council voted unanimously in favour of the recommendation by the licensing committee that the introduction of an Early Morning Restriction Order (EMRO) should not go ahead.

Council leader Coun Simon Blackburn, said: “Everyone agreed action was needed to tackle the anti social behaviour fuelled by excessive drinking.”

But he acknowledged the same problem existed at 3pm as at 3am.

He said: “There doesn’t seem to be anyone seriously suggesting there isn’t an issue with alcohol and the anti social behaviour that results from that.

“Anyone who is remotely serious would agree there are issues there.”

The licensing committee decided against being the first authority to introduce an EMRO after a week long hearing.

The police put forward evidence to support the EMRO because they said there was a high level of violent crime in the town centre in the early hours of the morning.

But licensees warned the move would be damaging for the night time economy.

A steering group will now be set up involving the council the police and licence trade to look at alternative measures.

Lancashire Police has been unable to disclose the full cost to the service of the EMRO hearing because they are still waiting on legal bills to arrive.

Officially, the Constabulary is still “considering its position” when it comes to appealing the licensing committee’s decision not to enforce the early morning restriction order, but said they would be open to working with any steering group set up to tackle alcohol related violence.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “Police don’t attend full council meetings but we will clearly be involved with any future partnership working that may come out of it.”