‘20mph limit is not working because police don’t enforce it’

Police officers and resident volunteers tackle speeding problems on Westfield Avenue, Staining
Police officers and resident volunteers tackle speeding problems on Westfield Avenue, Staining
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Drivers are being warned to slow down when they pass through a Fylde village 
following a rise in speeding incidents.

Police officers have stepped up their presence in Staining in an attempt to catch motorists ignoring the 20mph limit, implemented to try to reduce the number of incidents on the village’s roads.

One teenager was knocked over by a car and a woman was hit over the head by the wing mirror of a van as she walked along the pavement last month in Chain Lane.

PC James Winfield, of Staining and Westby Neighbourhood Policing, said parents are also putting their children in danger by stopping on single yellow lines and letting them cross the road opposite Staining Primary School, on Staining Road.

PC Winfield said: “Drivers should slow down and keep to the speed limit.

“It’s there for a reason and applies to the public and all drivers.

“I have been to Chain Lane and Westfield Avenue with a speed camera to identify 
people that are speeding and they were dealt with appropriately. We are hoping to do this every week.

“I know there are people stopping on a single yellow line and letting their children get out of the car and cross Staining Road, which needs to stop.”

Coun John Singleton, Staining and Weeton councillor for Fylde Council, conducted his own speeding survey on Chain Lane in October.

The results revealed out of 7,582 cars, only 238 cars were going 20mph or less.

He said: “Last October I had a golden river – which is an electric cable – across the road to measure traffic movement and speed.

“The results were quite surprising.

“I sent them to the chief inspector because the village has three resident volunteers who are trained to use a speed gun, but unfortunately they need a PCSO to go with them and there aren’t enough to go around.

“A 20mph limit is not working and it’s not working 
because it’s not being 
enforced. I’m happy with the police service but, owing to 
resources, they can only do this at certain times of the month when a police officer or PCSO is available.

“The speed limit must have been in place for two years, and although signs are up, it’s not made a huge difference, but what it has done is reduce the speed from 50 to 35mph.”