20 years for ATM theft gang

One of the stolen cash machines in the back of a car.
One of the stolen cash machines in the back of a car.
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A GANG who trawled the country stealing ATMs and the cash inside them have been jailed for 20 years.

David Owens and Kevin Caveney bought tools in Blackpool which were then used to break into a bar to get access to a cash machine.

The pair, along with Shaun Ennis, disabled the alarm systems at colleges, service stations, and caravan sites across the country before attacking the ATMs with heavy duty equipment.

Detectives believe they stole a substantial amount of cash during eight burglaries between January and July last year.

Preston Crown Court heard police were called to a burglary in Hampshire where a cash machine had been tipped on its side. The following month, Owens and Caveney drove to Blackpool to buy a yellow-handled crowbar and a hand saw from a B&Q store.

Two days later a burglary took place at Preston College in Fulwood and tools found hidden in bushes were identical to the type bought earlier in the resort.

The gang, from Merseyside, were snared by an investigation by the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit.

Owens, 35, was jailed for seven years, Ennis, 41, received six-and-a-half years and Caveney, 26, was handed five years and nine months. Robin Vaughan, 39, was sentenced to 18 months for assisting offenders after pleading guilty.