104mph in a 30mph zone

Speed cameras in Blackpool.'Squires Gate Lane near Lindale Gardens - westbound
Speed cameras in Blackpool.'Squires Gate Lane near Lindale Gardens - westbound
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A driving expert has labelled new speeding figures “atrocious” after five drivers were caught doing more than 75 miles per hour in 30mph zones.

The most alarming offence was recorded by a static camera in September 2009 when one reckless motorist was recorded driving at 104mph on Squires Gate Lane, South Shore.

The figures were revealed as part of a Freedom of Information request to Lancashire Constabulary. In March 2010, the same road was used by one speeding driver to do 82mph.

Another speed camera on Preston New Road, Blackpool, has caught three drivers since August 2011. The static camera flashed a driver doing 90mph in August 2011 and 95mph on May 23 the following year.

The most recent offence was in August last year when the same camera clocked a car doing 79mph. Terry Godbert, chairman of Blackpool and Fylde Advanced Motorists, said: “Doing 100mph in a 30 zone is unbelievable.

“At that speed they’ve no chance of stopping whatsoever. Someone only has to step into the road and they wouldn’t be avoided.

“It’s atrocious and the penalty for that speed should be a minimum five year ban or permanent loss of licence.”

Speed cameras placed in 40mph, 50mph and 60mph zones also caught five other drivers exceeding the speed limit on roads in St Annes, Thornton, Kirkham and Pilling.

Chief insp Debbie Howard, (pictured) from Lancashire Police, said: “Over the past 18 months three new nationally developed and accredited driver education courses have also been offered to motorists as an alternative to prosecution for driving while using a mobile phone, negligent use of traffic conditions pedestrian rights and failure to wear a seat belt.

“By offering these courses, we hope to achieve a long term change in driver behaviour and subsequent reduction in road casualties.”