Couple hoping for a happy end to such a trying year

Nicole Riley and her fiance Chris Swallow, with their little baby son Harrison
Nicole Riley and her fiance Chris Swallow, with their little baby son Harrison
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This happy couple are hoping their year will be a happy one after a tough time.

Nicole Riley and her fiance Chris Swallow are in the final 10 of a competition to win a dream wedding and honeymoon.

The Layton pair had to cancel their wedding earlier this year, after Nicole suffered severe pre-eclampsia and their little boy was born nearly seven weeks premature at the start of May.

Harrison weighed just 3lbs 10oz and had to spend five weeks in the Special Care Baby Unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, until he grew strong enough to be allowed home.

Nicole, who works for Broomheads Estate Agents, said it been a really difficult time, but paid tribute to the staff on the hospital ward, who she said were ‘fantastic.’

“The staff were amazing. They really looked after Harrison so well.

“I had to have a C-section, so I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t lift anything, Chris is a fireman, so he works shifts – but the nurses just made you feel everything was under control, they were such a big help.

“Harrison was so tiny and it was an awful time.

“But the staff really worked their magic on him and he was able to come home after five weeks.

“They said he might have some problems and breathing difficulties, but he’s been absolutely fine.”

Nicole and Chris, who got together in 2011, were delighted to find out they had made it through to the final 10 of the Real Radio Mamma Mia Wedding Competition.

Nicole, 31, said: “We were really surprised to get through to the final 10.

“We entered in hope, but never really thought we would get anywhere – with thousands of people probably entering the competition.

“We were devastated when we had to cancel the wedding and of course, we lost most of our deposits – although The Doric was really good and allowed us to transfer it over to a date in 2014.

“But obviously, we had more important things to focus on at the time, like Harrison getting well.

“So we just thought it was worth trying for the competition. The next round will be decided on votes, so we are hoping friends and family will vote for us.

“If we were to win, it would just mean so much to us.

“With cancelling the wedding and losing the money, it’s like we are having to start again from scratch.

“If we won, it would turn a bad year into a really good year.”

lTo vote for the couple, visit and choose Nicole and Chris.