Councillor was ‘threatened in park by teens’

Coun Tony Williams
Coun Tony Williams
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A Blackpool councillor says there is an ongoing anti-social behaviour problem in his local park after he was threatened by youths while out on a walk.

Coun Tony Williams said he was ‘accosted, threatened and sworn at’ on Friday night by a group of teenagers in East Pines Park, and had a football kicked at his head.

The incident occurred between 8pm and 9pm. Police were called and one boy was referred to the youth offending team.

Coun Williams said: “This has been happening night after night. We want kids to use the park, but they have got to use it in a responsible way and stop using bad language against people that come through, and stop throwing footballs at cars that go past.

“The place is like a litter bin on a morning and (fellow councillor) Paul Galley has to go out and do a litter pick.

“Most of the kids behave themselves. There’s just one or two who think it’s great to set play equipment alight, pull branches from the trees, pull up flowers from the flower beds and go to the toilet in the bushes.

“Parents need to realise what’s going on and either keep their children away or tell them to behave.”

He added that CCTV footage was being looked at, but that he was ‘willing to accept an apology’.

A police spokesman said: “We were called at 8.18pm on July 27 to reports of a public order incident at East Pines Park. It was reported to us that a group of youths were being verbally abusive and a football had been kicked at a man’s head.

“Officers attended and the youths were given words of advice. One boy has been referred to the youth offending team.”