Council ‘no’ to waste bins cash

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WEEKLY bin collections for waste and recycling will not return to the Fylde coast – despite funding being available.

Eric Pickles, the Local Communities Secretary, has offered councils a £250m cash incentive to end people being forced to separate waste.

As part of his proposals, Mr Pickles wants to encourage councils to invest in treatment plants which can separate recyclable waste from ordinary household rubbish.

Households would no longer need separate bins or bags for different kinds of waste.

However, Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde councils said they will not be taking up the offer because the cash will eventually run out.

Coun Peter Murphy (above), Wyre’s cabinet member with responsibility for refuse collection, said: “The funding to revert to weekly collections appears to be for a limited time only and the cost to the council after this period would be substantial.

“The current system works extremely well. Recycling rates have gone through the roof. People feel good about recycling and doing their bit for the planet rather than putting everything in a black bag for landfill. We have no plans to change a rubbish collection and recycling system that works well and that residents are happy with. ”

Fylde Council will also not be taking the money. Click here to register with The Gazette website to enable you to comment on stories.

A spokesman for Fylde council said: “We are already calling to households once a week and it’s a service which has recycling rates up to 46 per cent in Fylde.

“The money on offer is time restricted so we can’t set up a system as Mr Pickles has suggested, because when the money runs out, we would have to increase the council tax to keep that going.”

A Blackpool Council spokeswoman added: “The wheeled bin scheme has been running for a number of years and residents are used to an alternate weekly collection.

“We are happy to visit anyone struggling with the system so we can carry out a waste audit and for large families we do provide an additional bin.

“At the moment we don’t feel the need to introduce weekly black bin collections as residents are managing well on the existing system.”