Council blamed for flooded basements

Kathleen Tilbury of The Sandwell Hotel, Tyldsley Road
Kathleen Tilbury of The Sandwell Hotel, Tyldsley Road
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HOTELIERS are blaming Blackpool Council after water flooded into their properties.

Traders on Tyldesley Road were shocked to discover around a foot of water in their cellars, believed to have washed in from the dilapidated New Ramsey Hotel next door.

The council bought the empty property as part of its regeneration plans for the area.


Kathleen Tilbury, of The Sandwell Hotel, said; “The cellar was completely flooded out, everything was swimming in water.

“It was over a foot deep and we were bailing buckets of water out. Everything is wet through.

“It turned out the water was coming from the former New Ramsey Hotel next door. There have been squatters in there so I don’t know if they have pinched what is left of the metal including the pipes, or if the recent cold weather had affected things.

“But that building has been empty four years so you would expect the water to have been turned off.”

At least two other hotels, The Shelborn and The Applethwaite, both on Tyldesley Road, were also affected by the flood.

Sandy McPhail, from The Shelborn, said: “Everything is soaking. I had stuff stored in my cellar including Christmas decorations and my vinyl records collection.”

A spokesman for Blackpool Council said the authority would be investigating the claims.

He said: “We purchased the former Ramsey Hotel as part of a plan to comprehensively improve the area.

“When we bought the property it was in a very poor state of repair and we immediately had to make it water tight and secure.

“This was carried out and we were happy it did not adversely impact adjoining property. We make regular inspections and in the past have dealt with any concerns raised by neighbours.

“We were not aware of any problem relating to water damage but will now visit the property to investigate.”

In the past hoteliers have accused the council of deliberately running down the area which is earmarked for regeneration in the future.

Tyldesley Road has been blighted since a devastating fire destroyed the Saville Hotel in December 2006.

The building, which was next door to the New Ramsey, was later demolished by the council.

Last month the council revealed new plans to develop the area, along with the site of the former Mecca building on Rigby Road, for 400 new homes.

A previous scheme to regenerate Tyldesley Road and Foxhall, between the Promenade and Seasiders way, failed when the £35m needed from the government was not forthcoming.