Could you be a Gazette community writer?

Editor of The Gazette, Jon Rhodes
Editor of The Gazette, Jon Rhodes
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DO you want to shout it from the rooftops about how great life on the Fylde coast is?

Do you think the good things in your community go overlooked and uncelebrated?

Are you ready to spread the word about your local town or village champions – the people who have helped make life better for others – or do you simply have a story to tell which will make Gazette readers smile?

Then this is your chance to become a Gazette Community Correspondent.

From Larkholme in Fleetwood and Revoe in Blackpool to Treales in rural Fylde, we want to know what is going on in your community.

This could be a report from a village meeting or local club, a charity sale or community campaign to a feature on hard-working local businesses and tireless volunteers who work steadfastly to improve the lives of residents.

We want to hear it all.

Gazette Editor Jon Rhodes said: “For more than 130 years The Gazette has proudly brought readers local news from the Fylde coast’s many varied communities.

“We will continue to fight for the rights of residents and report on the stories which impact on our readers. But we want to go further.

“Many years ago The Gazette had a loyal band of Community Correspondents who would inform us of the great things that went on in their communities.

“Very soon The Gazette will be starting a new weekly Community News section which will get to the very heart of the Fylde coast’s many wonderful local areas. And this is where our Community 
Correspondents come in.

“The Fylde coast is a superb place to work, live and play and The Gazette wants to not only continue to reflect that but shout it loud and proud.

“So if you have a news story you want to tell us, or would like to supply regular local information, listings and tip offs from your area then please get in touch.”

If you have a news story from your area or you would you like to become a Gazette Community Correspondent then:

Phone our Newsdesk on:

(01253) 361733 or 361715

Email our Newsdesk on: or