Corrie's Lucy Fallon tells of awkward 'dog rough' jibe at nail salon

Lucy Fallon
Lucy Fallon
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Blackpool-born Corrie actress Lucy Fallon has told of a bizarre encounter with a fan in a nail salon.

The 22-year-old, who plays Bethany Platt in the ITV soap, was told her character was ‘dog rough and has a fat head’.

She didn’t seem to be offended however, as the fellow punter didn’t even recognise her.

Lucy said on Twitter: “So a lady in the nail place just told me I look like Bethany from Corrie to which another lady said ‘who’s that? I will google it’.

“She then went on to say ‘oh god no you don’t look like that.. she looks dog rough and has a fat head’

In a further tweet, she said she hadn’t revealed she was indeed the actress playing Bethany, whose recent storylines have won universal praise.

She said she ‘told her I’d met the real Bethany before and she’s a proper cow’.

But she added: “Hahah, I didn’t really say that to her... that’s mean on poor Bethany’. Lucy described the chat as ‘awkward’.