Corrective foot surgery transforms Janet’s life

Janet Riggs is delighted to be able to wear her favourite shoes again after corrective surgery.
Janet Riggs is delighted to be able to wear her favourite shoes again after corrective surgery.
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These boots may be made for walking – but not when each step is excruciatingly painful.

And the problem is probably not with the boots – as thousands of people with foot problems, such as painful bunions or foot deformities, can testify.

Consultant podiatric surgeon, Lee Murphy, says the average person takes about 4,000 to 6,000 steps a day – and each step can be a nightmare for his patients.

South Shore mum, Janet Riggs, recently underwent surgery with Mr Murphy, which she says has allowed her to walk easily again, after years of terrible pain.

“Ten years ago I had bunion surgery which was very successful. Eight years later I got a condition called hammer toe and had corrective surgery to try to repair the deformed toe, but this did not go well.

“The consultant said he needed to create a gap between my big toe and second toe. But after surgery my second toe was left sticking up. This meant it was very difficult and painful to wear shoes. I could not even walk my dogs, every step was so painful. I was so upset – my foot was much worse than before surgery.”

Eighteen months later, Janet was referred to Mr Murphy’s podiatric foot surgery clinic at Whitegate Drive Health Centre and eight weeks ago, underwent corrective surgery to repair her foot.

The former driving instructor said: “I am able to walk without pain and I can enjoy my life. I cannot praise Mr Murphy and his team enough. They are incredibly professional and build up patient confidence.”

Mr Murphy said: “Janet had undergone foot surgery in 2017 without a positive outcome. She was struggling to fit into any shoes and in considerable pain when walking. Janet was referred to our Department of Foot and Ankle Surgery and following her operation she is able to wear normal shoes and walk comfortably.

“My whole ethos is we are a specialist department. We only offer foot surgery and are focussed on the best level of care and expertise. The benefits from podiatric surgery can be massive.”

Each week the department performs five to 10 bunion operations – about 24 per cent of their case load.