Conman sold water as vodka and whisky

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Crime news
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A judge has issued an arrest warrant for a conman who sold holidaymakers what was supposed to be cheap alcohol.

In fact the bottle of Jack Daniels was flat cola and the supposed bottle of Smirnoff vokda was tap water.

Nicholas Stewart duped a man out of £20 for the two bottles.

The tourist only found out he had been tricked when he opened the bottles in his hotel room.

The next night the same man was out on the Promenade with his wife and baby when Stewart approached him again.

Stewart, 35, of Regent Road, Blackpool, did not realise he was talking to the same man but the holidaymaker recognised him.

The victim told District Judge Jeff Brailsford siting at Blackpool Magistrates Court: “The previous night he had sold me the bottles which contained flat cola and water.

“I bought them after feeling the bottle caps and they seemed tight.

“The next night he tried it again with me and I told him– no chance you sold me water.

“He tried to scarper and I followed him into an arcade.

“I grabbed his bag of bottles and would not let go.

“The security men called the police and he was arrested.”

Rachel Parker, prosecuting, said: “Stewart was interviewed but answered every question – no comment.”

The judge found the case of fraud against Stewart could be proved in the defendant’s absence.

Mr Brailsford issued the warrant for Stewart’s arrest.