Confidence in Blackpool pays off

Reads Court has been transformed
Reads Court has been transformed
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Stuart King came to Blackpool to study acting - but at 27 he is now owns 30 properties mainly in the resort.

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Stuart King in one of the bedrooms at Reads Court

Stuart King in one of the bedrooms at Reads Court

His latest investment is £100,000 ploughed into refurbishing neglected holiday flats in Reads Avenue (not including the purchase price).

It is his first venture into the tourism trade, but already he is seeing results, with the flats fully booked at weekends.

Stuart’s other properties are permanent rented accommodation but he says since being a teenager he has always had an eye for a good investment.

Which is why last July he decided to buy Reads Court which contains 10 holiday apartments.

A revamped kitchen at Reads Court

A revamped kitchen at Reads Court

He said: “It’s taken six months to turn the property round and we stayed open throughout the refurbishment because there were guests already booked in.

“Every apartment has had a new kitchen and bathroom installed, along with new carpets, fixtures and fittings.

“The bedding had cigarette burns in it and the furniture was broken, so it all had to go in the skip.

“Guests had to buy electricity cards when they arrived and there were no towels or toiletries. Now we provide all that, as well as a welcome tray with tea and coffee.

“It just means people can make themselves feel at home as soon as they arrive.”

Stuart was studying business management at the University of East Anglia when he ditched his course to come to Blackpool and the Fylde College to study acting.

He had been making money since he was 13, and ploughed it all into buying a two-bedroomed flat on Waterloo Road in South Shore.

He said: “I was selling sweets when I was 13 and have always been business motivated.I started work at 16 at Tesco and became a manager.

“I was not enjoying my business course and decided to switch to something I would enjoy, which is why I came to Blackpool to study acting.

“I had enough savings to buy a two-bedroomed flat on Waterloo Road and then I remortgaged that to buy a fire-bombed house on Ribble Road.

“Now I own about 30 properties, some are in Manchester and Liverpool but the vast majority are in Blackpool.

“This is the first time I have taken on holiday accommodation and I’m looking forward to the season.

“We’re full every weekend at the moment which is great for this time of year.

“Everybody is saying the tourism industry is failing, but if you’re providing a good quality, clean places you can make money because people are still coming to Blackpool.”

Reads Court manager Kathleen Bromley says guests have been amazed by the transformation.

She said: “Stuart has done a brilliant job and breathed new life into the place.

“I don’t get embarrassed any more when guests arrive because there is nothing not to like about the way it has been transformed.”