Concern over field works

Fishers Field off Highfield Road. Picture from google Maps.
Fishers Field off Highfield Road. Picture from google Maps.
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Concerns have been raised over proposals to build a huge storm water storage tank in South Shore.

United Utilities has applied to Blackpool Council to construct the tank under Fishers Field off Highfield Road.

The firm claims the facility is needed to ensure there is adequate capacity in the resort’s drainage system.

However, one resident living close to the proposed work site, has questioned why the firm needs to take control of the field for so long – up to three years – and is concerned over the impact on youth sport.

Mike Beck lives in Emerson Avenue, which will be used as permanent access to the United Utilities site once work is completed.

He has also questioned how the building site will be managed and how many lorry movements there will be associated with the work.

“Nobody doubts the need for such a facility,” said Mr Beck.

“But I cannot believe this is the only site United Utilities could have chosen.

“There have been a lot of words of support for this scheme from councillors.

“I’m not sure residents fully realise what is involved.”

Mr Beck is worried about the prospect of a large underground tank being built so close to houses.

In his official objection to Blackpool Council he said: “The scheme involves a huge underground overflow tank for which the methods of construction are unknown.

“The houses in this area are built on hard-packed sand and the method of piling concrete could have detrimental repercussions.”

And Mr Beck is also concerned that the area will be irreversibly changed.

He said: “The control cabin, transformer and store room will be on the surface and highly visible.

“We do not believe it is acceptable that the residents of this area should have an industrial complex at the end of the road.”

Mr Beck is also concerned construction teams will be at the site longer than necessary, with work coinciding with major improvements around South Shore.

“I believe there is going to be a compound on site for storing pipes associated with connected works.

“Surely there are better sites for that, sites on the industrial estate at Squires Gate which United Utilities could use?”

United Utilities has made clear young footballers from Foxhall FC will be accommodated at Common Egde during the works and has pledged to fund improvements there and build a new clubhouse at Fishers Field once works are complete. The firm, in it’s planning application, also pledged to minimise the visual impact at the site, which it said had been identified after ‘significant testing to determine the best location’ for the works.