Clearing the debris deluge

JCB out on promenade at Rossall cleaning up after recent storms.
JCB out on promenade at Rossall cleaning up after recent storms.
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Extreme weather over the last two months has forced a major clean-up that has seen 80 tonnes of debris shifted across Wyre.

It is hoped a major £65m overhaul of the sea defences at Rossall will help reduce the need for costly work to tidy up after future storms.

In recent days, a digger was sent to Rossall beach after yet more strong winds and huge waves battered the Fylde coast last weekend.

Wyre Council also sent its officers out clearing roads and getting the seafront back to normal after gusts reaching 60mph wreaked havoc once again.

Coun Roger Berry, the cabinet member in charge of the sea defences, said: “Throughout the weekend we had officers monitoring key areas of the promenade and shorelines ready to take action and support residents when the storm hit.

“Luckily, there was no serious damage and as soon as the worst of the weather was over, we were ready to begin the clear up.

“Officers from across the council pulled together during the storm to ensure the safety of residents and minimise the risk of flooding.”

The sea wall has already suffered at the hands of the bad weather and the council will be looking to repair any damage before work begins in April as part of the £86m being invested in sea defences at Rossall and Anchorsholme.

Preliminary investigations for the project got underway late last year.

A Wyre Council spokesman added: “The council instigated its flood plan in advance of the latest storm. The sandbags and storm boards we put in place in Jubilee Gardens worked well and prevented the pathway from flooding.

“Our officers were ready to start clearing up the debris from the highways and promenade as soon as the worst of the weather was over and get things back to normal as soon as possible.

“We had street sweepers out at 5.30am in the morning and a JCB on Rossall Promenade shifting sand and shingle back on to the beach.

“The new sea defences at Rossall will make a difference in this kind of weather as the rocks will break up the energy of the waves, reducing the amount of debris that will be thrown ashore.”

A 2km stretch of the wall from Rossall Hospital to Rosall Point is set to be upgraded as part of the government backed scheme, with work due to finish by 2017.

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