Cleaning fluid in bottles of vodka

Londis, Station Road, Kirkham
Londis, Station Road, Kirkham
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A CONVENIENCE store which sold illegal vodka from under the counter could be set to lose its licence.

Kirkham’s Londis store sold dozens of bottles of the illicit Drop Vodka – containing a cleaning fluid substance – while a 13-year-old boy was also caught selling alcohol to an under-age girl.

Now, Lancashire Police are calling on Fylde Council to consider stripping the Station Road store of its licence.

Three bottles of the illegal vodka were seized from behind the counter after police received reports youngsters had been getting drunk on the substance.

In a statement to go before the council’s licensing committee, Sgt Caroline Hannon said: “Priya Modi (the store’s premises licence holder) admitted she had purchased this alcohol at a discounted price from a man who had been selling it from a white van.

“Admittedly Mrs Modi was apologetic, but her husband appeared amused by the situation and said ‘it was only a few bottles, I was only making a few quid’.”

In total, the store had sold 33 bottles of the vodka, which Trading Standards later found was “unfit for consumption” because it contained small amounts of propan-2-ol – also found in cleaning fluid.

And, later the same month the Londis store failed a test purchase after a 13-year-old boy sold a 15-year-old girl a bottle of wine.

Local Coun Elaine Silverwood said: “Everything about this is wrong.

“I’m very relieved the police have intervened – they have done well to find out what was going on and track it down.

“I hope they are given a severe penalty for doing this because it’s breaking the licensing laws and is dangerous.”

The council’s licensing panel will decide the store’s fate following a hearing on February 29, at 10am in St Annes Town Hall.

Mrs Modi declined to comment when contacted by The Gazette.