Clean up this lake of filth!

Residents in Squires Gate Lane are fed up with the flooding near their homes
Residents in Squires Gate Lane are fed up with the flooding near their homes
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A PENSIONER says walking down his street has become a hazard because a blocked drain constantly creates a lake of dirty water.

Robert Robson, 74, of Squires Gate Lane, South Shore, said the road has been constantly flooded since roadworks took place in March this year.

A section of the busy carriageway, between Newland Avenue and Lindale Gardens, is affected every time is rains with almost a full lane covered with surface water.

And elderly residents are too frightened to walk past in fear of facing a deluge of filthy water from passing cars.

Mr Robson said: “The road has been in a terrible state since March and I have called the council about seven times to try to get it sorted.

“There are lots of pensioners who live around here and one of my neighbours got absolutely drenched because she was walking along when a truck came by.

“The water is so deep, when a lorry goes over, the water sprays all over our windows and it is filthy.

“I’ve seen local children waiting by the road for a lorry to come by so they can get wet but pensioners don’t want that, people don’t dare to walk by.”

Mr Robson says Blackpool Council workers came out to assess the situation a few weeks ago and did pump the water through to another drain.

But he says when they came out to check the road a few days later, it was on a clear sunny day so no water could be seen.

When the rain next came down however, the surface filled with water again.

Coun Fred Jackson, Cabinet Member for Streets and Transport: “We currently deal with these issues on a priority basis and this problem is high up on our list.

“We recognise it is an important issue for Mr Robson and we will be coming to fix the drain as soon as possible.

“Should Mr Robson still have concerns, we have provided him with the phone number for our Streetscene team and we will discuss the matter with him first hand.”