Clean-up for eyesore site

Coun Andrea Kay is appealing for people to come forward to help clean up an estate.
Coun Andrea Kay is appealing for people to come forward to help clean up an estate.
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A community leader will work with residents to revamp eyesore patches of land on a Thornton estate.

Coun Andrea Kay is set to start the work on Pheasant Wood Drive and Crabtree Road on October 17 as part of Democracy Week, and has enlisted the help of Global Renewables to fund the project and complete the work on overgrown green spaces.

The work will involve trees being removed and new paving and seats put in their place.

The Cleveleys Park ward councillor for Wyre Council said: “Democracy Week is part of getting together with the community and getting them to help.

“People need to come down on the day and chip in, whether it be making cups of tea or clearing things away, it won’t be heavy work.

“They are flagging the land and paving it but the day won’t involve a lot of work for everyone else as Global Renewables will have done the bulk of it.

“This is really being done to make it look good.

“We are hoping to have a Christmas tree and celebrate around that this year and have school children singing there, which will be nice.

“Global Renewables is giving back to the community because I have a good relationship with them and it’s an exciting time.”

Coun Kay has already taken it upon herself to clear up the nearby Pheasant Wood, which borders the estate.

The councillor was instrumental in securing £4,500 in funding from the Forestry Commission to replace fencing and the entrance was altered to accommodate for disability access.

The work has won the support of Thornton Action Group, which campaigns for residents concerning issues in the town.

Howard Phillips, vice chairman on the group, said: “Anything which helps to make the area more attractive is to be welcomed.

“It seems to me an excellent use of money to provide seats and make it more attractive for those who perhaps want to sit down and enjoy it.”

Anyone willing to help out with the revamp work should call Coun Kay on 07813593821 or e-mail

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