Claims against Mark Menzies rubbished as ‘utter nonsense’

Mark Menzies, Conservative candidate for Fylde in the 2017 General Election
Mark Menzies, Conservative candidate for Fylde in the 2017 General Election

The timing of ‘complete and utter nonsense’ claims against a Parliamentary candidate in Fylde has been called into question.

Several media outlets repeated allegations – which date back two years – made against Conservative Mark Menzies that were published by a national newspaper over the weekend.

But the claims have been vehemently denied by a spokesman for Mr Menzies and, with the general election just days away, been described as ‘malicious’.

“This has been put out at this time just to damage him,” the spokesman said. “It’s complete and utter nonsense.”

Nobody from Thames Valley Police was available for comment this morning but in a statement provided to a national newspaper said officers were called to the alleged incident at a property in Langford, Oxfordshire, on Thursday, August 6, 2015.

Mr Menzies, who was Fylde MP at the time, was voluntarily questioned but never arrested, and no charges have been brought.

“Following a thorough investigation, the case was filed pending further investigation coming to light,” the police statement added.

Mr Menzies was elected to Parliament at the 2010 general election, replacing the long-standing Tory MP Michael Jack. He was reelected in 2015.

A year earlier, in 2014, he stepped down from his role as a minister’s aid to International Development Minister Alan Duncan following claims about his private life that appeared in the national media.

The 46-year-old said at the time the claims came to light: “A number of these allegations are not true and I look forward to setting the record straight in due course.”

Standing against Mr Menzies in the Fylde constituency at the general election on Thursday, June 8, are Labour’s Jed Sullivan, the Green Party’s Tina Rothery, and Liberal Democrat Freddie Van Mierlo.