Church shame for Cenotaph woman

Wendy Lewis
Wendy Lewis
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A WOMAN shamed after she urinated on Blackpool’s war memorial has now defiled a church.

Wendy Lewis went into a carol service and demanded to see the parish priest using a barrage of four letter words in front of a packed festive congregation.

Blackpool magistrates were told her words rang out during the candlelit service at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church on Talbot Road.

The church is only yards from the resort’s memorial where her previous behaviour earned her a suspended jail term for offending public decency after her actions were caught on CCTV.

That court appearance led to her getting a “guard of dishonour” from war veterans at the magistrates court.

Now Lewis, 32, of Progress Court, Grange Park, has appeared before the courts again.

This time resort magistrates heard her drunken entry to Sacred Heart, on December 20, was noticed by an off-duty special constable who was attending the service.

Martine Connah, prosecuting, told Blackpool Magistrates: “He realised she was heavily intoxicated. When he asked her to leave church and started to shout ‘I want to see the priest’.”

“She repeated her demands to see Father Robert Dewhurst who was conducting the service and continued to swear.”

The special constable called for support and two constables arrested her for swearing in a place of worship.

Lewis admitted using threatening abusive and insulting words to cause alarm and distress.

She was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £50 court costs and the magistrates told her: “This is not the place where you kick off. It was a church and we hope you deeply regret what you did.”

Sue Mugford, defending, told the court Lewis had lost a baby two years ago and felt the need to go to the church and pray and converse with the priest.

She said: “A male member of the congregation grabbed her by the arm and she did not know why. She did use some choice words and she accepts those comments would have caused alarm and distress to the people watching this scene.”

Ian Coleman, from Blackpool British Legion, said: “This woman was Britain’s most disgusting after what she did at the Cenotaph... it appears nothing has changed.”