Christine is on a fitness mission

Poulton Fit4Life has opened above OxyGym on Mowbray Drive.  Pictured is Christine Corbett.
Poulton Fit4Life has opened above OxyGym on Mowbray Drive. Pictured is Christine Corbett.
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Meet the self-proclaimed “silver fox in Lycra!”

Christine Corbett is two months off 70, but she is determined to show age is irrelevant when it comes to being fit for life.

She recently set up a new fitness centre, together with her fitness trainer, Alison Pritchard and Alison’s husband Kevin, in a bid to help local people with fitness and overall well-being.

Fit4Life is based above OxyGym on Mowbray Drive, Layton, and opened in December.

The centre – which offers a range of fitness classes, including kettlebells, Pilates, Spinning, HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions and suspension training – has already got off to a flying start, with members of all ages, from all backgrounds, joining up.

And they raised close to £2,000 with a recent charity spin-a-thon. The three-hour session on spin bikes was held to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, after one of the member’s mums was diagnosed with the condition and sadly died.

Christine said: “The response we had to the charity spin class was fantastic.

“It’s a very friendly atmosphere here at Fit4Life and we aim to help members in all aspects. Our philosophy encompasses the whole body, from a physical, emotional and mental perspective.

“It was the gym’s opportunity to support a loyal member, who continued training with us while nursing a relative with this condition.

“Everybody who took part did fantastic and I think we have raised about £2,000.”

The charity event is just one example of Fit4Life’s sense of community. Christine has had a varied career – among her jobs have been working in the pharmacy at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and she has also worked for the Ministry of Defence.

She has known trainer Alison for about six years.

Christine is now training as an instructor herself, teaching Pilates, yoga and spin.

She said: “I had been training for years with Alison, who has trained all over the world working in fitness.

“She calls me foxy and always said I was unusual because I would come to Pilates in Lycra.

“Young people wear all sorts of superb outfits to come, and it’s just one of those things where I think age just doesn’t come into it.

“One day, Alison was saying how she wished she could set up her own gym and I said ‘everyone talks about things they wish they could do, why don’t we just do it’ – and that’s how it all started.”

As well as fitness classes, Fit4Life offers personal training and there are lots of membership options to suit everyone – from monthly and annually to pay-as-you-go per class.

Alison, Christine and Kevin meet with the members on a regular basis to chat about which classes they would like at which times, to make sure the timetable offers what people want.

The gym has a lounge area where members can meet and chat over coffee and tea to foster a good social element.

Christine said: “We’ve got a real age range in members, with the youngest probably being a young girl at university who started coming with her mum.

“There is a lovely social aspect among the members, a friendly atmosphere, they all support each other.

“Alison and Kevin have travelled all over the world working in the fitness industry. Alison is fully-qualified in a diverse range of wellness and personal training areas and feels strongly that, given the hectic lifestyles most people have these days, people need a more holistic approach to overall fitness.

“At the gym we believe in mind, body and spirit training and we have a commitment to support our members in all aspects of their lives.

“We don’t focus on things like weight loss, we focus on health and fitness and well-being. And we want members to enjoy coming here and doing classes. I’d always been a busy and active person and after I retired I wanted to stay that way. I’m two months off the big seven-0 and I don’t believe age makes any difference at all. It really is about being fit for life.”

* For more information, visit or call 07805 195622.