Christians and Muslims oppose Franklin Graham’s planned visit to Blackpool

Extremist Evangelical preacher Franklin Graham
Extremist Evangelical preacher Franklin Graham
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Christian and Muslim religious organisations have come together to oppose ‘extremist’ Evangelical preacher Franklin Graham’s planned visit to Blackpool.

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Liberty Church pastor Nina Parker, North Shore Methodist Church preacher Lynn Cawley, the Light Foundation Muslim community group founder Nadeem Ashfaq, and Preston community youth worker Muhammed Rehman have all expressed concerns about Mr Graham’s religious and political opinions.

They said: “We are joining our voices together in the interests of maintaining peace and tolerance in our region and to highlight the harm that Franklin Graham’s extremist statements do to relationships between different communities.

We are opposed to Franklin Graham’s visa as we believe that welcoming a man who expresses such hate filled Islamaphobic and homophobic views will increase prejudice, embolden those who hate and cause an increase in hate crime.”

The controversial preacher, who is expected to talk at The Winter Gardens next September, has made several anti-gay and anti-Islamic comments in the past.

Both Gordon Marsden and Paul Maynard MPs have written to home secretary Amber Rudd about the visit.