Chorley FC chief executive 'sorry' for Instagram post

The offending post, for which Dave Riche was accused of 'fat-shaming'
The offending post, for which Dave Riche was accused of 'fat-shaming'
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A football club chief executive has spoken of his remorse after 'fat-shaming' two sisters on social media.

Dave Riche shared a photo of two women snapped from behind in Blackpool and posted it on Instagram.

Chorley FC chief executive Dave Riche

Chorley FC chief executive Dave Riche

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The post, which he has since deleted, says: “Blackpool on bank holiday Sunday! #nowordstodescribe.”

Mr Riche, who has previously worked for AFC Fylde and Fleetwood Town and as Business Development Manager for Blackpool Illuminations, has now been formally reprimanded by directors on the board at his current club, Chorley FC.

Joanne Peoples, from Fleetwood, who was alerted to the picture of her and her sister Erin Shewan, 24, by a friend, was fuming that they had been ridiculed publicly in such a way.

Writing online after seeing the post, the 37-year-old said: “I’d just like to point out to him that even though I’m size 20, I’m a person.

“I’m someone’s wife, someone’s mum and someone’s daughter. I’m sure he’d be gutted if someone treated one of his family members like this.”

It prompted a flood of responses on social media with people expressing their outrage.

It comes after Mr Riche, who lives on the Fylde coast, had banned sports broadcaster Ian Livesey from Victory Park in April after he made sexist remarks off-air to a female referee.

But now his own conduct is under scrutiny with his wife also apologising on a public Facebook thread.

After Joanne, challenged him over his comments Mr Riche apologised to her through Facebook’s private messaging service.

He said: “I have deleted the post which was made in bad taste. Please accept my sincere apologies.

“I realise it was stupid and immature of me. I had a few drinks and wasn’t thinking but should have realised this is not acceptable.”

Speaking after Mr Riche was given his warning Joanne, who works in retail, said: “My sister and I had just arrived in Blackpool with a group of friends. We were walking to a pub and were completely sober.

“We were just going for a few drinks and something to eat on Bank Holiday Sunday. My friend who lives in Preston is friends with him and saw his post on Instagram and told me.

“If we had been completely drunk I could understand it but we had only had one drink. It was just really unjustified.

“My sister’s been really affected by it, she’s been really upset.

A spokesman for Chorley FC said: “This issue was immediately investigated and dealt with internally in accordance with our disciplinary process.

“The relevant apologies were given and accepted.”