Chloe starts to win battle

Brave journey: Chloe New, of Agnew Road in Fleetwood with mum Angela
Brave journey: Chloe New, of Agnew Road in Fleetwood with mum Angela
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‘She’s our little star’.

The proud mum of Chloe New has spoken of how well her daughter has progressed in her battle to walk unaided.

Angela New and husband Terry campaigned tirelessly in 2013 to raise £60,000 to get Chloe, now 12, to America for life changing selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery.

It’s been a long road for the family but Chloe’s sheer determination means that at last she can move about her Agnew Road home on her own, without any help at all.

Chloe has cerebral palsy and had the SDR operation in Missouri in May 2013.

Fleetwood people rallied to raise money for Chloe’s operation through scores of events.

The operation, which involved cutting nerves which causes stiffness in the legs, was a complete success and within weeks Chloe was home and back at school.

What followed was months of intense physiotherapy, at home and at a specialist centre in Scotland, but now she has finally been able to ditch the walking aids at home once and for all.

Mum Angela said: “Chloe has now gained the confidence to walk on her own round the house without anyone behind her. She still falls and her walking is still 
unsteady at times but she is so determined and never gives up. Looking back at how stiff she was before the operation she really has come a long way and all her hard work is paying off.

“We sometimes don’t give her enough credit for just how much she has achieved, she really is an inspiration.

“I’ve never seen anyone push themselves as hard as she does in the gym.

“She has worked that hard she has been physically sick and to the point where she has had to be carried to the shower as her legs have gone!

“SDR isn’t a miracle cure for cerebral palsy but it makes a huge difference to thousands of peoples lives and I’m so pleased that everyone helped make this possible for Chloe.”