Chips? They’ll cost you dearly!

Phil Norbury at Helio Fitness, Newton Drive, Blackpool
Phil Norbury at Helio Fitness, Newton Drive, Blackpool
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TAKEAWAYS and restaurants could soon be forced to show diners just what they are eating.

Many businesses include nutritional information on their websites, but Health Secretary Andrew Lansley wants to see it on the menu – including the number of calories in each dish.

He has written to all members of the Food Network, which includes McDonald’s, Pepsi, Kellogg’s and Unilever, to ask for a commitment to make the changes .

Phil Norbury, a personal trainer at Helio Fitness on Newton Drive, Blackpool, supports the plans as he says people have to be aware of the potential danger a high calorie count in food could do to them.

He said: “It’s very important they break it down into how much fat is within one of their products because it can highlight to people, not just how much calories are in food, but how much fat is in the product.

“There is nothing stopping people from having a takeaway, but it’s how often you have one.”

Mr Norbury added going into a takeaway was often seen as the easy option for a meal, and this should not be the case.

He added: “I know people are busy but if they don’t exercise the weight is going to be put on and we are going to end up with an obesity epidemic.”