Children join in war on dog mess hazard

Supporters of the Clean Up Blackpool campaign ready to set off to educate dog owners at Grange Park.
Supporters of the Clean Up Blackpool campaign ready to set off to educate dog owners at Grange Park.
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Schoolchildren, teachers and parents have taken a stand against foul play on their estate, putting up posters against dog fouling.

A team of ‘eco-warriors’ from Boundary Primary School, joined by parents and school staff, have been patrolling Grange Park to warn dog owners against the perils of not clearing up their pets’ mess.

The team talked to owners about their responsibilities and put posters up in a bid to reduce the amount of mess on streets around the school, on Dinmore Avenue.

The stance was taken after school staff and pupils found increasing amounts of dog muck on pathways regularly used by youngsters.

Teacher Sue Bradley said: “A lot of parents have complained about dog fouling the area and we had a group said they wanted something done.

“It’s just people not taking bags out or picking it up.

“We went out to raise awareness, putting posters up and we gave cards to people who were picking it up to be entered into a raffle to win dog biscuits. It’s about doing it in a positive way.

“It’s raising awareness in the community of how there’s a hygiene side to it, how children can slip on it or what they can catch from it.”

The group was supporting Clean Up Blackpool and Club co-ordinator Brian Coupe visited the school to talk to children about keeping their community clean and safe.

The club is working across the town to improve cleanliness.

Mr Coupe said: “What we’re trying to do is educate the children so they in turn can educate their parents about picking up after their dogs and how important it is.”

Staff say the problem is a growing one and causes hazards for children walking to and from school.

Mrs Bradley added: “It’s very bad, especially around school.

“We do a walking bus and we actually have to do a dog poo alert because there’s that much of it.”

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