'˜Chicken' warning after passengers injured in tram collision

Drivers are being warned of the consequences of playing '˜chicken' with trams following a collision which left two passengers hurt.

Saturday, 18th March 2017, 9:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:12 am
Kay was hurt in the tram incident

Kay Knott, 74, from Fleetwood was one of two passengers hurt in the incident at the junction of Rossall Road and York Avenue, Cleveleys on Monday.

The tram she was travelling on made an emergency stop in an attempt to avoid colliding with a car as it passed through traffic lights on the approach to the Cleveleys stop.

The crash comes less than two months after an incident in Fleetwood in which a driver was injured when the car he was driving collided with a tram.

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Blackpool Transport boss Jane Cole said: “This doesn’t happen very often but really it shouldn’t be happening at all.

“The junction where this incident occurred should be a safe one.

“It is traffic light controlled and there should not be a conflict between trams and cars.

“People might be tempted to take a risk and try to get through but it really isn’t worth it.”

Mrs Knott praised the actions of the driver in avoiding a potentially more serious crash.

She suffered bruised ribs when she was thrown into the rear of the tram cab.

She said: “I was just standing up, ready to get off at Cleveleys when the tram stopped very suddenly.

“I was thrown up against the glass of the cab.

“I banged my head, my knees and my ribs. It was very painful, I’m very sore.

“As well as myself there was another woman on the tram who hurt her wrist.

“I’ve no criticism of the driver, he’s done an amazing job, he’s reacted so quickly and probably prevented a more serious crash.

“People do take a risk at junctions and they don’t realise people could get hurt.”

Both the grey Nissan Almera and the tram were damaged in what police described as a ‘head on’ collision.

Mrs Cole made clear the impact such incidents have on her staff. She said: “I spoke to the driver after this and he was very shaken.

“He has had to be counselled following what happened. After an accident the drivers are often left wondering what they could have done differently, what they might have done wrong.

In January the air ambulance was called out following a crash between a tram and two cars in Lord Street Fleetwood.

In October last year passengers escaped without injury following a collision at the junction of Rossall Road and Victoria Road West, just yards from the scene of Monday’s incident.

Last year there were also collisions at Larkholme Lane in Fleetwood and close to Blackpool’s Metropole Hotel.

In December 2015 a car and a tram collided in Crescent West, Cleveleys.