Chick this out!

Nobody could call this unusual science lesson '˜cheep'!

Friday, 28th April 2017, 4:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:50 pm
Pupils from Revoe Primary with their new chicks that have hatched
Pupils from Revoe Primary with their new chicks that have hatched

Reception pupils at Revoe Academy on Grasmere Roadhatched and held adorable chicks this week as part of an ongoing science project exploring the life cycles of different creatures.

Reception teacher Rachael Thompson said: “We got them on Monday as eggs. We had already looked at shop-bought eggs and what was inside them.

“We watched them hatch on Tuesday and Wednesday and watched them fluff up and today we got to hold them.

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“We have held a competition for children to come up with names for the chicks.”

The eight chicks will be returned to Bowland Farm next week, after spending time with Revoe pupils in a specially-made chicken coop inside the school grounds.

Rachael said: “The children absolutely love them. We do it every year and it’s a highlight for them. A lot of them hadn’t seen chicks before and didn’t know what eggs were apart from that they ate them. They had never seen anything hatch. They were all sat having their snacks and they saw them crack and we kept checking on them. We had a webcam so it was played across the school and in the dining room.

“We have new sawdust for them and given them fresh water and food and we have spoken to the children about what chicks need to survive.

“We try not to hold them too much so they don’t get used to humans. It’s all part of our science programme on living things. In science week, which is in May, we will be looking at the human body and exercise and how we grow. We’ve got someone coming in with all sorts of animals, and it’s all to do with living things and how they develop over time.”