Chef seeks kitchen secrets

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Celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo is eyeing up Blackpool in a nationwide hunt to celebrate home cooked dishes with family heritage for a new ITV1 series called There’s No Taste Like Home.

Gino is travelling to 30 different parts of the UK for the series – including a probable Blackpool visit.

In each show he will meet three home cooks, each boasting a treasured recipe that has been passed down through their family for generations.

“Forget your fancy restaurant fare, I want to taste good, honest, home cooked food,” says Gino.

“I was inspired by my grandfather who was head chef for a cruise ship company.

“His favourite dish, and something I make for my children today, was gnocchi al pomodoro. I can still remember the smells, and the taste of it.

“This dish made me fall in love with cooking and become a chef. I am convinced there are hundreds more fantastic stories and family dishes just like mine out there.

“I’m looking for recipes that have never been seen in cook books. I’ll be uncovering family favourites passed down the generations on scraps of paper and by word of mouth.”

Gino’s keen to stress he’s not just looking for traditional British dishes.

“Britain is the cultural melting pot of the world and I want to find the culinary kings and queens of the home kitchen with dishes that hail from other countries..”

ITV is hunting for great home cooks, paying diners and willing restaurants to take part in the series right now. For further information contact: Neil Summers at ITV on (0161) 952 6030, Henry Ditchfield at ITV on (0161) 952 6135 or e-mail