Check up on credentials to beat the fly-tippers

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Householders in Fylde are being urged to check the waste carrier’s licence of people who offer to take away their rubbish.

The plea comes after concerns about an increase in fly-tipping in recent years, from an average of 35 per month in 2010 to an average of 44 per month in 2014.

Fylde Council environmental health officers believe hard-pressed householders are tempted by cut-price offers to take rubbish away – only for the contractor to simply dump it on fields and highways.

Phil Dent, environmental officer, said: “There is now a legal requirement for customers to check the licence and we urge people to do so to avoid getting into trouble themselves.

“One resident was taken to court for allowing his rubbish to be taken away by an unauthorised person last year. He was found guilty, was not actually fined but was ordered to pay court costs.”

If you spot any fly-tipping, call (01253) 658658.