Charming jewllery with a lot of sparkle

Viv Smith who has designed a range of jewellery specially for Mothers' Day.
Viv Smith who has designed a range of jewellery specially for Mothers' Day.
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MUM-of-two Viv Smith has created something rather special for Mother’s Day.

The 31-year-old, from Thornton, who set up her own jewellery-making business Poppy Sparkles, has come up with a mummy necklace, featuring Swarovski crystal heart designs.

Viv, who has two children under the age of three, started her company to allow her to work around looking after Jack, two-and-a-half and Poppy, aged 16 months.

She said: “I have always loved making jewellery and being creative.

“I have always wanted to do it.

“I am currently taking a career break from my profession as an English secondary school teacher, because of having the children.

“I felt it was now or never to realise my dreams of running my own creative business.

“My mission is to create personal and meaningful jewellery.

“I love to give and receive gifts with meaning, which can be kept and treasured for years.

“It is this that inspires my jewellery designs and led me to creating birthstone jewellery. After Christmas I decided to make a mummy necklace, celebrating my own children.

“As a mum myself, developing a range of jewellery for mums to celebrate and cherish their children was a natural step.

“Jack was really taken with it and he listened as I explained each charm to him – the ruby crystal marked his July birthday, topaz marked his sister’s November birth and the big heart in the middle was for all the love mummy had for them both.

“It’s nice for children too because they love to feel valued.”

Viv usually works on her jewellery at night when she and husband Jonathan are both home and have some time to themselves.

She said: “I tend to work on it when the children have gone to bed.

“Making the actual pieces doesn’t always take that long, but coming up with all the designs and sourcing the materials can take longer.

“I sometimes take orders for specific requests, for example, I recently did a customer’s wedding jewellery, that sort of thing is a lot more intricate.

“I do love making jewellery.

“Charm jewellery is quite popular at the moment with all the Pandora stuff which is around.

“I think hand-made jewellery, when given as a gift to someone, really does mean something, it’s that little bit more special.”

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